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President Trump cracked down on the issues of border migrants once more, saying in a rambling speech on Thursday that he, “plans to sign an order next week that could lead to the large-scale detention of migrants crossing the southern border and bar anyone caught crossing illegally from claiming asylum — two legally dubious proposals that mark his latest election-season barrage against illegal immigration.”

There are currently two caravans in Mexico and “Mexican authorities haven’t directly targeted the main caravan of about 4,000 migrants,” as per AP.  Activists aiding that group said they were shifting their route toward the Gulf coast, a path closer to the Texas border.” Trump has made the caravan a major election issue, hoping it will rile up his base enough to vote for Republicans. On Thursday the President posted to his Twitter account a political ad about immigration so virulently racist that even some members of his own party denounced him.

The man charged with 44 counts of murder and hate crimes in the mass shooting at the Pittsburgh Synagogue, pled “not guilty” to the charges on Thursday. According to the BBC, “US media reported [Robert] Bowers entered the courtroom without a wheelchair, bandaged on the arm from the injuries suffered during a shootout with police on Saturday. With a loud “yes!” Mr Bowers confirmed he had read the indictment and understood the charges against him. He reportedly had no reaction when told he faced the death penalty.”

Oprah Winfrey attended a major political rally for Stacey Abrams in Georgia on Thursday, throwing her weight behind a woman who could become the first black female governor in the nation. Oprah Winfrey spoke at a political rally in support of Stacey Abrams in Georgia who is running for governor.

Vice President Mike Pence also spoke at a political rally – for Abrams’ rival Brian Kemp who is the current Secretary of State of Georgia and who has been a controversial figure for his pro-gun ads and for suppressing the voting rights of African Americans this election. Pence slammed Abrams’ celebrity support.

Representative Steve King, a long time Republican Congressman who is known for his overtly white supremacist views is running for re-election this November. On Thursday King spoke at a forum in his home state of Iowa and was questioned about his values by an unnamed member of the audience. King is being challenged by one of his constituents about his white supremacist values.

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