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FEATURING DR. ZIA MIAN – It has been 71 years since the United States dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, obliterating them and massacring hundreds of thousands of people. While Barack Obama earlier this year became the first sitting US president to ever visit the site, the fact is that he was unable to keep his promise of significantly reducing the nation’s nuclear arsenal.

Now, as we head into the general election in November, much is being made of the GOP nominee Donald Trump and whether he has the “temperament” to handle having his finger on the nuclear button. In recent days Trump has made troubling comments in the media about not ruling out nuclear weapons use. Of course, Clinton herself has made such comments in the past.

Dr. Zia Mian, Director of the Project on Peace and Security in South Asia of Princeton University’s Program on Science and Global Security (PSGS). Dr. Mian is also Co-Director of PSGS and Co-Chair of the International Panel on Fissile Materials. His most recent book is Unmaking the Bomb: A Fissile Material Approach to Nuclear Disarmament and Nonproliferation.

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