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FEATURING HEIDI ALTMAN – Republicans in the House of Representatives on Thursday passed two harsh anti-immigrant bills at the urging of Donald Trump. One of the bills is named Kate’s Law after Kathryn Steinle, a young white American woman who was killed in San Francisco in 2015 after a bullet fired from a stolen gun ricocheted off the sidewalk and struck her in the back. The man accused of shooting the gun happened to be an undocumented immigrant and Steinle’s case became the focus of Trump’s anti-immigrant rants during his presidential campaign.

The second bill that the House passed also took aim at one of Trump’s favored targets: sanctuary cities. The bill is called No Sanctuary for Criminals and expands the definition of federal funds that cities using the label “sanctuary” could lose. It remains to be seen if the Senate will pass these bills.

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Heidi Altman, Director of Policy at the National Immigrant Justice Center.

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