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FEATURING JEFF COHEN – Polls leading up to the next wave of primary races shows a massive bump for former Vice President Joe Biden whose flagging campaign seemingly rose from the dead just about a week ago. It is a miraculous political turnaround for a man who has only now begun winning primary races over the course of many attempts running for President. His campaign, buoyed by multiple well-timed endorsements have pushed him past Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who was leading in most major polls ten days ago.

Voters in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota and Washington will vote on Tuesday March 10th with 352 delegates up for grabs between them. Sanders, who represents the younger and progressive wing of the party currently has 573 delegates while Biden, seen as the safe, establishment choice, leads with 664 delegates. But Biden has shown deep vulnerabilities to challenging President Donald Trump in the general election.

Jeff Cohen, media critic, writer and retired journalism professor at Ithaca College. He founded the media watch group FAIR, as well as the group

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