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FEATURING SET HERNANDEZ RONGKILYO – The state of California has joined more than a dozen others in filing a lawsuit this week against the federal government over President Trump’s decision to phase out the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

California is home to the largest proportion of DACA recipients in the nation. More than a quarter of the 800,000 undocumented immigrant youth who registered with the program live in the state. Studies estimate that the typical DACA recipient is a resident of Los Angeles and was brought to the US from Mexico at age 6.

Now, as the state moves to protect its DACA recipients from being targeted by the Trump administration, some are hoping that a bill in the state Senate might make California a sanctuary state. Activists are pushing to pass SB 54 into law and on Thursday a number of folks including my guest gathered in Sacramento for a rally supporting the bill.

Set Rongkilyo, Soros Youth Activist Fellow & Video Campaign Organizer with the National Day Laborer Organizing Network.

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