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FEATURING GUSTAVO ARELLANO – This fall marks the 25th anniversary of a seminal moment in the history of California – the battle over Proposition 187, an anti-immigrant ballot measure that divided the nation’s largest and increasingly diverse state. It set the stage for the models of political activism for both pro- and anti- immigrant groups for decades to come. And, for my guest, it was a transformational moment. Writing in a series of articles for the Los Angeles Times, Gustavo Arellano has attempted to capture the political upheaval of 1994. He wrote, “Proposition 187 split the psyche of the state like few things before or since.”

Listen to Gustavo’s podcast on the Los Angeles Times called ‘This is California, The Battle for 187,’ HERE. Read Gustavo’s articles on the LATimes HERE and follow him on Twitter at @GustavoArellano.

Gustavo Arellano, writer for the Los Angeles Times, He previously worked at OC Weekly, where he was an investigative reporter for 15 years and the paper’s editor for six. At the paper he also wrote a column called ¡Ask a Mexican! Which catapulted him to national fame. His books include “Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America.”

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