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FEATURING WENDOLY MARTE – The U.S. government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics has documented that childcare workers in the U.S. have a median salary of about $24,000 a year, barely above the poverty line. The segment of the nation’s workforce that attends to the basic needs of our children are underpaid, and during the pandemic, left behind. At the same time billionaires have minted money during our time of national crisis, proving once more that the economy is rigged to benefit the already-rich. But child-care workers and those who depend on them are also voters and are speaking out and striking back as we hurtle toward the election.

For information about its virtual event called ‘Be a Care Voter: A Digital Rally for a Caring Economy,’ on

October 20, at 4 pm EST

, clickHERE or text CARE to 40649.

Wendoly Marte Director for Economic Justice at Community Change Action.

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