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FEATURING ROBERTO LOVATO – President Donald Trump on Tuesday night took a moment during his State of the Union address to slam Venezuela’s President Nicholas Maduro and praise opposition leader Juan Guaido who has declared himself interim President. The US has made no secret about wanting regime change in Venezuela and has rallied several international allies to back Guaido against Maduro.

Maduro continues to face a crisis inside Venezuela as a failing economy has prompted mass protests and led to an exodus of people leaving the country. But the top brass of the military have continued to support him – a critical element to remaining in power in Venezuela if history is any guide.

Meanwhile Maduro has announced early elections for the National Assembly hoping this will assuage his critics.

Roberto Lovato, writer and journalist, whose work has appeared in such publications as the Nation, The Guardian, Boston Globe, Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle, Al Jazeera and more. His journalism focuses on immigration, the drug war, US policy in Latin America and more. His work has been recognized by the Pulitzer Center and he was a co-founder of, the largest online advocacy group for Latinos in the US.

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