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FEATURING BETSY LEONDAR-WRIGHT – About one in ten working Americans has a job in the non-profit sector. In fact the non-profit sector is the third largest in the US, after retail and manufacturing. According to CNN, “although the federal government and the press are focused on the plight of the big industries — airlines, hotels, cruise ships — nonprofits employ more people than many of these industries.”

It is no wonder that non-profits have been hit extraordinarily hard by the coronavirus crisis. Fundraisers have been canceled, cultural events postponed, and donations have precipitously dropped. But aside from being eligible to apply for loans from the flawed Paycheck Protection Program there is no relief for non-profits.

Read the report ‘Staffing the Mission: Improving Jobs in the Nonprofit Sector,’ HERE.

Betsy Leondar-Wright, assistant professor of sociology at Lasell College and Board President of Class Action. Her books include The Color of Wealth: The Story Behind the US Racial Wealth Divide and Class Matters: Cross-Class Alliance Building for Middle-Class Activists. She has authored a new booklet on non-profits called Staffing the Mission: Improving Jobs in the Nonprofit Sector.

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