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FEATURING ERIKA PINHEIRO – Even though immigration enforcement under President Obama was so severe that he earned the title Deporter-in-Chief, under Donald Trump there is a definite uptick in raids by ICE agents with swift deportation of undocumented immigrants. Parents are being ripped away from their US citizen children leaving behind communities that are reeling from trauma and loss.

In Tijuana, family members meet across the border fence, barely able to touch or see one another through the metal holes. Across the border, hundreds, perhaps thousands of newly deported immigrants are living in squalor with little support, some of them struggling with depression at being in a country they may barely know or remember.

Find more at or follow the organization on Twitter @AlOtroLado_Org.

Erika Pinheiro, Former Managing Attorney at CARECEN, one of the largest nonprofit immigration legal service providers in CA, board member of Al Otro Lado where she will start working full time.

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