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FEATURING DR. ROB DAVIDSON – The Trump administration released its 2021 fiscal year budget to the tune of $4.8 trillion. Enjoying special status in the budget was predictably the US military but also according to Trump, Social Security and Medicare. But not only are those facing cuts, programs like Medicaid and Food stamps are also on the chopping block to apparently help balance the budget.

In recent weeks the Trump administration has taken aim at the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of Medicaid to low-income Americans seeking to impose serious caps on the program’s budget. Governors of numerous states, including Republicans, have warned the plan would deeply impact healthcare for those who need it the most. A recent viral video of an interaction between an Emergency Physician named Dr. Rob Davidson and Vice President Mike Pence went viral and highlighted the Trump administration’s plan to undermine Medicaid. That Emergency Physician happens to be the Executive Director of the Committee to Protect Medicare and is now my guest.

Dr. Rob Davidson, Executive Director of the Committee to Protect Medicare, and an emergency physician who serves families in small communities across West Michigan. His recent video-taped interaction with Vice President Mike Pence went viral.

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