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FEATURING ROBERT BOROSAGE – Tuesday May 15th marked a number of primary elections in states around the country. Political pundits closely followed the outcomes as indicators for this November’s crucial midterm elections.

In Pennsylvania progressive Democrats made gains in House races. But at the state house level there were even more promising results with candidates backed by the Democratic Socialists of America winning primary races. And in Idaho, Native American candidate Paulette Jordan won the Democratic primary for Governor.

Centrist Democrats worry that the more progressive candidates could hurt the party’s chances of winning political power in the general election in November but others disagree.

Read his article on The Nation ‘Why Primary Fights Are Good for the Democratic Party,’ HERE.

Robert L. Borosage is a leading progressive writer and activist. He created a number of progressive organizations including the Campaign for America’s Future, ProgressiveMajority, and He guided the Institute for Policy Studies for nearly a decade and served as the issues director for the Jesse Jackson 1988 presidential campaign, and consulted on many progressive campaigns. He is also a contributing editor to The Nation, and his writings have appeared in Reuters, Huffington Post, Washington Post and New York Times.

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