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FEATURING GENEVIEVE LAKIER – As House Representatives were casting their votes to impeach Donald Trump for a second time, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Wednesday made a series of posts attempting to explain his decision to permanently ban the President from his platform. After years of allowing Trump violate Twitter’s community standards because of his title as president, Dorsey explained that his company, “faced an extraordinary and untenable circumstance, forcing us to focus all of our actions on public safety.” While many can argue that the de-platforming of Trump is good for democracy, more questions now arise: Is it enough? What about others who echo Trump’s lies? And, what about Twitter’s enormous power to allow or disallow communication on a platform that hundreds of millions of people use?

Read the article Genevieve recently co-wrote  on called The Court, the Constitution, and the Deplatforming of Trump.

Genevieve Lakier, Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Chicago Law School.

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