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FEATURING JEFF COHEN – Right wing radio talk show host and shock jock, Rush Limbaugh, known for his racist, misogynist and white supremacist rhetoric, has died. He was 70 and had complications related to lung cancer. Former President Donald Trump broke his silence to praise Limbaugh in an interview calling him “irreplaceable,” and that, “[h]e was with me right from the beginning.”

But others, who remember his “AIDS Updates” celebrating the deaths of gay men, his coining of the phrase “Feminazi,” his dehumanization of immigrants, and his perpetuation of fake news, hailed an end to of one of the most destructive forces in American media.

Read Jeff Cohen’s 1994 FAIR article ‘The Way Things Aren’t – Rush Limbaugh Debates Reality,’ HERE.

Jeff Cohen, media critic, writer and retired journalism professor at Ithaca College. He co-founded the media watch group FAIR, as well as the group

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