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FEATURING BILL FLETCHER – A video of a white man confronting a black man at a traffic stop in Memphis, Tennessee recently has gone viral. The white man, a supporter of Donald Trump, was filled with road rage and unleashed a racist rant for more than 4 minutes, calling the man videotaping him the N-word multiple times, expressing his support for Trump, yelling that Black Lives don’t Matter, and much more.

America has always lived with the specter of racism. But in recent years it had become impolite to openly express racist views – until Trump’s candidacy came along.

What does this new chapter in American culture and politics mean for all Americans? And how can the left in particular organize within a framework where hateful rhetoric is becoming normalized once again?

Find more at and follow Bill on Twitter @BillFletcherJr.

Bill Fletcher, is a racial justice, labor & international activist, & author of They’re Bankrupting Us! And 20 Other Myths about Unions & Solidarity Divided.

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