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FEATURING NEGIN FARSAD – Donald Trump has emboldened untold numbers of anti-Muslim Americans by declaring his proposed ban on Muslims as part of his bizarre presidential campaign. It’s hard to take Trump seriously, except that enough Americans do take him seriously. Today, we intend on making light of Trump and his ilk with my guest Negin Farsad who has used the reactionary fear of Muslims in the US as a central trope in her comedy.

Farsad has co-directed and produced a documentary called The Muslims Are Coming, which is when I first met her. Farsad now has a new book out – an autobiography of sorts that happens to be incredibly hilarious. It’s called How to Make White People Laugh.

Negin Farsad, Iranian American Muslim comedian, Ted Senior Fellow, director and producer of The Muslims are Coming, author of the new book, ‘How To Make White People Laugh’.

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