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FEATURING JASON BERLIN – In my years as a journalist I have talked about coup attempts, actual coups, and overturned coups on my program many, many times. But never, until now, have I discussed the idea of a coup taking place here in the United States. With a President seeking reelection who has shown absolute determination to break all rules to benefit him personally, there is already plenty of groundwork being laid for Trump to steal the 2020 election.

Americans are new to the idea of anticipating an undemocratic seizure of power in our nation. But history and the experience of nations show that there is a playbook for coups—but there is also a playbook for how to stop a coup.

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Jason Berlin, Founder & Executive Director, Field Team 6. With its army of volunteer heroes, and with its own voter registration app,, Field Team 6 has registered over 28,000 progressive voters in swing states.

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