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FEATURING DR. AMY COHEN – The issue of immigrant family separation gained widespread attention in 2018 and is seen as one of the cruelest hallmarks of Donald Trump’s presidency. Thousands of Americans marched and protested angry over the stories of young children ripped away from their parents. Lawsuits were filed, legal decisions were made, policy changes were announced.

And yet, there are still stories of brutal treatment of immigrant children under Trump. Not only is the government continuing to detain unaccompanied children and deport them back to the dangerous conditions they fled from, some remain separated from their parents. The Covid-19 pandemic in particular has provided cover for the on-going abuses.

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Dr. Amy Cohen, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Every Last One. She is also a child and family psychiatrist who has spent much of her career addressing the psychological trauma issues of vulnerable populations of children and families and focuses on asylum-seeking children

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