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FEATURING ALAN ZIBEL – Fifteen years before he ran for President, Donald Trump claimed in an interview that he, “could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it.” A new report by Public Citizen’s Corporate Presidency project has found that Trump has made good on his promise and that the President is millions of dollars richer because of deliberate campaign spending and government use of his hotels, airplanes, restaurants, and golf courses.

Trump’s supporters might contend he’s simply smart and business-savvy for being able to do this. But is it really ethical for a sitting President to use the office of the White House to personally enrich himself so much? And, more importantly, is it legal?

Download the report ‘The Art of the (Self) Deal: Political and Taxpayer Spending at Trump’s Properties’, HERE.

Alan Zibel, research director of Public Citizen’s Corporate Presidency Project and author of the new report, The Art of the (Self) Deal: Political and Taxpayer Spending at Trump’s Properties.

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