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FEATURING PETER SCHEY – President Trump has claimed that his relentless desire for a massive $5.7 billion border wall is motivated by his concern for undocumented women and children who he says are mired in a, “humanitarian crisis.” His White House has claimed that, “human traffickers victimize countless women and children,” and that, “Without a wall, our southern border is wide open to human trafficking.”

Of course it was the Trump administration that oversaw the largest scale detention of families at the border and the separation of parents from their children. Thousands of children were traumatized last year when they were ripped away from their parents and hundreds remain separated. There seems to be no real plan by the government on how best to reunite them with their families. About ten thousand unaccompanied minors remain in detention and plans are underfoot to build more facilities to detain more children.

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Peter Schey, President and Executive Director of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law Foundation, one of the lead attorneys representing detained children in the Flores case.

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