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FEATURING NORA PHILLIPS – A group of 29 parents were recently allowed to reenter the United States after deportation whose children remain in US custody. The parents were among the thousands whose children were taken away from them by the Trump Administration as part of its family separation policy last summer and were among an unknown number that were deported without their children. The group of 29 had traveled back to the border and remained at the Calexico port of entry and were initially told by Border Patrol that they were at capacity. Then, with the help of immigration attorneys the parents were finally let in and processed.

Meanwhile, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen gave her first public testimony in front of the House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday. Members of Congress questioned her about the Trump Administration’s family separation policy and whether children were held in cages. And, The US Customs and Border Protection Agency is under fire over news that it kept a dossier on immigrant rights activists, journalists, and even lawyers working on the border immigration crisis.

Nora Phillips, legal director and co-founder of AL Otro Lado.

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