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FEATURING SHONALI BOSE – The world’s largest democracy is finally having its own #MeToo moment, just about a year after the movement burst into the national consciousness in the US. India has been rocked with scandal after scandal in nearly every major industry, from the film industry, television, comedy, journalism, the government, and even the cricket board.

For decades Indian women have been protesting pervasive sexism from street-level harassment to Bollywood’s “casting couch” and several high-profile cases of brutal gang rapes. But now, many women are feeling emboldened to come forward about incidents that they felt compelled to remain silent about for years, and some men are feeling the consequences with public shaming and the loss of their jobs and positions.

Shonali Bose, award winning filmmaker, director, screenwriter and producer. Her films ‘Amu’ and ‘Margarita With A Straw,’ have won numerous awards.

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