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FEATURING ISABELLA ZIZI AND DANIEL ILARIO – It was the height of irony that at a global conference combating climate change, Donald Trump’s administration decided to promote the very energy source that fuels climate change. This week at the UN, COP23 meeting in Bonn, Germany the White House audaciously sponsored a panel promoting coal, natural gas, and nuclear power.

Climate justice activists including those from the US protested the panel, calling out the fallacies of “clean coal,” and chanting and singing.

Meanwhile California Governor Jerry Brown, who sees himself as part of the movement combating climate change, was also confronted by protesters. Governor Brown has been promoting his state’s “cap and trade” program as a means of addressing climate change. But when activists at COP23 yelled their slogan of “Keep It In the Ground,” in reference to fossil fuels, Brown shockingly responded, “Let’s put you in the ground.”

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Isabella Zizi and Daniel Ilario with Idle No More San Francisco Bay.

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