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FEATURING ARUN GUPTA – A young protester with Black Lives Matter was killed and another critically injured after a car hit both at high speed during a protest on an interstate highway in Seattle, Washington. The protester, a young white person (who identified as non-binary) named Summer Taylor, was live streaming the event for two hours on social media when were hit and died. The suspect, an African American man named Dawit Ketele fled the scene but was arrested and no motive is yet known.

Seattle has been a center of anti-police brutality protests since the May 25th police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and just days before the fatal protest incident, police dismantled a multi-block zone around an abandoned precinct that activists had dubbed the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. The area later came to be known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP).

Read his latest article published by the Intercept entitled, “Seattle’s CHOP Went Out With Both a Bang and a Whimper,” HERE.

Arun Gupta is an investigative journalist who has written for the Washington Post, The Nation, Raw Story, The Guardian, and Jacobin. He is also a regular news correspondent for Rising Up With Sonali.

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