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FEATURING HENRIK MOLTKE – Lost in a crazy news cycle in late June was a bombshell report in The Intercept investigating what it calls, “NSA Spy Hubs” in 8 cities across the country. The investigative media outlet says it has found an, “AT&T facility containing networking equipment that transports large quantities of internet traffic across the United States and the world” in each of the following cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

Authors Ryan Gallagher and Henrik Moltke write, “A body of evidence – including classified NSA documents, public records, and interviews with several former AT&T employees – indicates that the buildings are central to an NSA spying initiative that has for years monitored billions of emails, phone calls, and online chats passing across U.S. territory.”

Whistleblower Edward Snowden tweeted that the report was, “The most important surveillance story you will see for years,” and that it revealed how, “AT&T became the internet’s biggest enemy, secretly collaborating against its customers and partners to destroy your privacy.” AT&T is one of the largest providers of wireless, Internet, and cable TV in the nation and just had its $85 billion mega merger with Time Warner approved by a federal judge.

Read Henrik’s article with Ryan Gallagher on the Intercept, “The Wiretap Rooms: The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in Eight U.S. Cities”, HERE.

Henrik Moltke, investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker.

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