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FEATURING YOSI SARGENT – As we come upon the 1st anniversary of the powerful and historic Women’s March that took place around Donald Trump’s Presidential inauguration, a major pop-up event in Los Angeles is attempting to capture the frustration and resistance of people over this past year.

The pop-up event called Into Action began just before MLK day and goes through the 2nd Women’s March taking place this Saturday in cities around the nation. The warehouse space, located near downtown LA, has been transformed into temporary art gallery and performance stage where numerous community activists and well-known artists and academics are discussing issues ranging from diversity in media, to immigration and DACA, Islamophobia, and the role of artists and athletes in politics.

The accompanying art exhibit was co-curated by the likes of Shepherd Fairey, Favianna Rodriguez and others. On our show this week and into next week, we’ll be bringing you coverage of the Into Action pop up event, starting with a conversation with the event’s executive producer and art co-curator Yosi Sargent.

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Yosi Sargent, Executive Producer of Into Action, co-curator of the event’s art exhibit, known for his commissioning and management of the “Hope” poster created during the 2008 presidential election by Shepard Fairey. He currently heads a small social-justice focused PR group called TaskForce.

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