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Message from host Sonali Kolhatkar to our listeners and viewers:

“After nearly 2 decades of hosting a daily radio show and 6 years of doing a daily radio AND television program, I am taking a much-needed break. When I first started working at KPFK in March 2002, I never thought I would have been doing this for so long. Friday April 2nd was my last daily episode of Rising Up With Sonali.

Starting April 5th I will be taking a leave of absence from KPFK and Pacifica Radio and will transition to recording a weekly version of this program. Same name, same quality, same website:

It is a bittersweet moment for me as I have loved hosting this show for so long but it’s tough, relentless, and far too much work for a crew of just two people to do on a daily basis.

You can read my writings through the Independent Media Institute as I take this much-needed sabbatical from a daily show.

You can watch our new weekly TV show on Free Speech TV every Thursday at 3 pm Pacific. Check your local radio station’s schedule to see if they are carrying the weekly radio version of Rising Up With Sonali and if they aren’t, ask to them to consider doing so.

Stay in touch by signing up for our newsletter. On behalf of my producer Anna Buss and I, we are ever-grateful for all your support.

– Sonali Kolhatkar”

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