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FEATURING LATOSHA BROWN – Just weeks ahead of the critical midterm elections on November 6th, the state of Georgia is once more making the news for rampant voter suppression. Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who oversees elections, and is a favorite of President Trump is himself running in a high-profile gubernatorial race against popular African American candidate Stacey Abrams. Kemp has overseen multiple efforts to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of disproportionately black voters in what many are calling a blatant conflict of interest.

In addition to 107,000 Georgia voters being purged from the rolls for simply not voting in the last few elections, 53,000 voters have had their right to vote being “placed on hold” by the State Secretary’s office. The reason for the holds is apparently discrepancy in the voter registration. Now news has emerged that state officials are using an unreliable method of “handwriting analysis” to compare voter signatures and toss their registrations out.

On top of all of that, a voting rights group called Black Voters Matter was busing a group of black seniors for a voter outreach event when state authorities ordered the group off the bus.

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LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter.

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