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FEATURING JUAN ESCALANTE – A devastating report on the conditions facing undocumented children and families under the Trump’s administration’s harsh policies has been filed in court as part of an on-going case over whether the government violated the 1997 Flores Settlement. The report culled interviews with more than 200 parents and children that had been held in detention in border states in June and July.

Peter Schey, an attorney representing some of the children said, “They have spoken out loud and clear, and what they’ve said is they are experiencing enforced hunger, enforced dehydration, enforced sleeplessness. They are terrorized, and I think it is time for the courts and the public to hear their voices.”

Meanwhile the Trump administration has still not finished reuniting all children under the age of 5 as per a judge’s order to do so by a deadline that has already passed. The next major deadline to reunite older children is July 26th. That group is at least 2,000 strong.

Juan Escalante,is the immigration correspondent for Rising Up With Sonali and he’s the Communications Manager with America’s Voice and a DACA recipient.

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