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FEATURING JEFF MILCHEN – The Wisconsin Supreme Court this week voted overturn Gov. Tony Evers’ executive order to postpone Tuesday’s primary election in spite of the coronavirus pandemic. The US Supreme Court also ruled 5 to 4 that the thousands of people who had requested absentee ballots but never received them would have to show up in person to vote in spite of the health risks. Voters lined up for hours facing closed polling places, and even rain and hail. At stake for Republicans was a state Supreme Court seat currently held by a conservative facing a liberal challenger.

The decision to move ahead with the election forced voters to pit their own health with their right to vote, foreshadowing what could transpire in the general election this November. While Democrats have pushed for an expansion of vote-by-mail, President Donald Trump has openly called on his party to fight the move saying Republicans don’t benefit from mail-in ballots.

Read Jeff’s article ‘Dying to Vote (And a Warning for November),’ HERE.

Jeff Milchen, organizer, speaker and writer and founder of Reclaim Democracy!

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