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FEATURING ANN WRIGHT – In the weeks after Israeli troops shot thousands of Gaza residents and killed 112 at the Gaza border during Al Nakba protests, some attempted to leave the besieged land by boat. Several injured Palestinians needing medical treatment, as well as university students and cancers patients, boarded a number of boats and attempted to break the Israeli-imposed and internationally condemned siege of Gaza.

Israeli forces intercepted at least one of the boats – citing what they called a “legal naval blockade.” The boat was towed to the Israeli Navy Base in Ashdod.

It was 8 years ago that Israeli forces attacked a flotilla of boats that attempted to break the Gaza siege from the outside in. One boat called the Mavi Marmara was boarded by Israeli commandos who shot and killed nine people on board, some of them execution-style. The International Criminal Court condemned Israel’s actions as “war crimes” but there has been no accountability so far.

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Ann Wright, Army Colonel (Ret.) and diplomat who resigned her State Department position in protest of the Iraq war, a leading anti-war activist. She is involved in the Freedom Flotilla Coalition and has participated in Gaza flotillas.

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