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FEATURING CASSADY CRAIGHILL – Climate change denialists have often made the claim that more research is needed to determine if fossil fuels are really warming the planet. The energy industry has been foremost among those fomenting uncertainty in order to protect their profits. But newly discovered internal research from Royal Dutch Shell have revealed that that company’s own internal research confirmed the science of global warming decades ago and then hid the knowledge.

A Dutch journalist has unearthed a Shell report from 1988 called The Greenhouse Effect that not only calculated Shell’s contribution to global warming, but anticipated that it could be sued in the future over it.

Shell joins Exxon in the growing list of oil corporations that knew very early on the disastrous consequences of its industry, suppressed those findings, and carried on for decades reaping profits off of planetary destruction.

To read the report go to

Cassady Craighill, media officer for Greenpeace USA covering climate change and energy.

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