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FEATURING SAM BROOKE – Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has cut dental and vision health insurance for nearly half a million residents of his state in a move being denounced as cruel and vindictive.

The announcement came on Monday, after a judge on Friday blocked Bevin’s proposal to reform his state’s Medicaid plans in line with Donald Trump’s desire for, “work requirements” for the poor. Instead of dropping the plans for reform the governor simply decided to end insurance for about 460,000 Kentuckians and called it, “an unfortunate consequence” of the judge’s ruling.

Democratic State representative Joni Jenkins criticized the Governor’s actions saying, “We have folks that are showing up for dental appointments that they made months ago and neither they nor the providers are really certain what the rules are…And that’s just unacceptable for government to be operating this way.”

Sam Brooke, Deputy Legal Director with the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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