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FEATURING ANGELA PEOPLES – Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, said on Tuesday that he believes Donald Trump as President would be beneficial to the LGBTQ community. Perkins’ organization is one of the leading Christian conservative groups in the country, promoting homophobia. His statements came after Trump held a closed-door meeting with evangelical leaders in New York.

Outside the meeting, hundreds of LGBTQ activists gathered for a massive rally. Angela Peoples the Co-Director of the grassroots group GetEQUAL, released a statement saying, “We are here to protest Donald Trump and the conservative Christians who embrace him because the xenophobic, racist, and homophobic lies that Trump and his followers tell every day have real-world consequences.”

CORRECTIONS: The rally in New York was organized by Act Up and supported by a number of organizations including GetEQUAL, AND Jerry Fallwell died in 2007. The person on the Twitter picture with Trump is J. Fallwell Jr.

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Angela Peoples, Co-Director of GetEQUAL.

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