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FEATURING SAIRA RAO – Long-time Representative Maxine Waters of Southern California continues to be a focus of threats after urging progressives to confront Trump Administration officials in restaurants and other public places about their anti-immigrant policies. President Trump has attacked her on his Twitter feed multiple times, and it didn’t help that top Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi condemned Waters. A Deputy District Attorney in San Bernardino County named Michael Selyem has been placed on leave and is under investigation for tweeting deeply offensive sexist remarks about Waters and wondering why she hasn’t been shot.

My guest today has been on the receiving end of similar threats after challenging white supremacy on social media. Saira Rao, who ran for Congress in Denver as a staunch progressive Democrat and was a featured guest on our show ahead of Colorado’s primary, is temporarily leaving the state with her family. She joins me now to explain why.

Saira Rao, ran for Congress in Colorado’s First District, co-founder of In This Together Media, former clerk for the US Court of Appeals, first generation Indian American.

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