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FEATURING ZENOBIA JEFFRIES – Just days after Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of all charges in the fatal police shooting of Philando Castile, Castile’s family has reached a $3 million settlement with the Minnesota city where the incident took place.

The horrifying dash cam video that was recently released, combined with the video taken by Castile’s girlfriend Diamond Reynolds in the seconds after he was shot, have angered Americans all over the nation. Officer Yanez’s acquittal was met with both disbelief and cynicism. It appears as though there is nothing that a black person in America can do to ensure they will survive an encounter with the police, and nothing that can ensure justice after being murdered.

Meanwhile on Friday, in the case of the fatal shooting of Samuel Dubose in Cincinnati, Ohio, a mistrial was declared for a second time in the trial of officer Ray Tensing who fired the shots that ended Dubose’s life.

Read Zenobia Jeffries’ piece HERE.

Zenobia Jeffries, YES! Magazine’s Racial Justice editor, author of the new article, “White People, the Philando Castile Acquittal Should Make You Mad as Hell.”

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