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FEATURING MARCY WHEELER – Among the many stories that were eclipsed by Trump’s tweet-storm over NFL players not standing during the anthem is how Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump is going.

While the scope of the investigation remains secret, bits and pieces of information are emerging that imply Mr. Mueller’s inquiry is very broad.

Mueller is apparently looking into how Facebook’s ads originating from Russia might have influenced last year’s election, how Trump’s former campaign chair Paul Manafort gave private briefings to a Putin ally, and what dealings Michael Flynn Jr. has had with his lobbying firm. Mueller is also reportedly interested in interviewing former cabinet members Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus.

The news comes amid revelations that a Trump attorney named Michael Cohen in 2013 sent a letter to a Putin aide about the potential for building a Trump Tower in Moscow. And that a UAE crown prince visited the US last December without the knowledge of the government to meet with Trump and his colleagues at Trump Tower in New York.

Much of the mainstream media coverage is framed within the narrative of a vast Russian conspiracy to take over the US government.

Marcy Wheeler, independent journalist specializing in civil liberties, privacy, and the “war on terror.” She blogs at

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