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FEATURING DAVID ANDREWS – The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has just released a new and disturbing study about Chromium-6 contamination in the drinking water supplies of Americans. The contaminant is associated with Erin Brockovich, the California activist who became famous for her tireless efforts at demanding justice for toxic exposure in the town of Hinkley.

EWG’s latest report analyzes federal data from drinking water tests done in municipalities nationwide. What the group found was that 200 million Americans in cities in all 50 states are being exposed to dangerous levels of Chromium-6 in their water.

Chromium-6 is associated with a host of dangerous diseases from skin rashes to cancer. It arises from a variety of industries, most commonly coal fired power plants and unlined coal ash dumpsites.

Although the Environmental Protection Agency has determined that there is contamination in drinking water, to date it has done little to address it.

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David Andrews, Senior Scientist with the Environmental Working Group.

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