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FEATURING ANTHONY LAPPÉ – The anti-secrecy organization Wikileaks has just published documents revealing that the CIA has for years been hacking into Wi-Fi routers, worrying privacy advocates. But spying on Americans is hardly the worst thing the notorious government agency has done. Indeed infiltrating Wi-Fi routers pales in comparison to the CIA’s sordid history in the drug trade in the US and worldwide over the past 50 years.

A new 8-hour 4-part documentary series slated to air on the History channel starting on June 18th exposes in great detail how the CIA was involved in production and dissemination of dangerous narcotics starting during the Cold War. That history spans continents from South East Asia to Latin America, and even in American cities such as South Central Los Angeles. The film series is simply called America’s War on Drugs and it will be the first time that the CIA’s involvement in the global drug trade is revealed on mainstream cable television.

Find more about the film HERE.

Anthony Lappé, Executive Producer of ‘America’s War on Drugs,’ for History.

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