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FEATURING KAREN DOLAN – Fifty years after the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. the imperative to end poverty is greater than ever. Income inequality remains high and the consolidation of wealth into fewer and fewer hands continues unabated. Meanwhile more of our tax dollars are shifted into funding the military and laying waste to the environment. Now, a new report released to coincide with a launch of a national campaign to end poverty, highlights these issues with hard facts.

The Souls of Poor Folk is an audit of 50 years of economic policies. The report is the result of a collaboration between the Institute for Policy Studies and the Poor People’s Campaign. Rev. William Barber and Rev. Liz Theoharis, the co-chairs of the Poor People’s Campaign presented the report’s results recently as the basis for their national demands, taking up the work of Dr. King to eradicate systemic poverty and racism.

To read the full report visit and

Karen Dolan, Director, Criminalization of Poverty and Race Program and Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies.

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