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FEATURING JIM RIGBY – Many cities and even states are considering laws to provide sanctuary from immigration enforcement, which means authorizing local police departments to not cooperate with ICE agents. But Texas is now a state that has declared itself the opposite of a sanctuary.

State lawmakers in Texas passed a law that would levy hefty fines against cities, municipalities, universities and other institutions for not cooperating with ICE. The law also allows police officers to question people’s immigration status even if they are simply picked up for minor offenses.

Texas’ SB 4 is reminiscent of Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 law that was denounced as racist and anti-immigrant. Gov. Greg Abbott live-streamed himself signing the bill into law.

Meanwhile the ACLU has issued a travel alert for Texas warning that people’s constitutional rights could be violated if they visit the state.

Jim Rigby, a pastor of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas, one of several people arrested at a protest against SB4.

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