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FEATURING SAIRA RAO – Hundreds of women are running for the House of Representatives nationwide in primary races leading up to this year’s midterm elections – by some estimates, more than twice the number in 2016. Women are fired up to run for office under Donald Trump’s presidency, and the fact that a large majority of those running are doing so as Democrats, suggests that they’re ready to challenge the GOP agenda.

Denver-based Saira Rao is one of those women. But she’s running as a Democrat, ready to challenge the Democratic Party as well. Rao, who is a first general Indian American, was a stalwart supporter and activist with the Democratic Party and then last December, she published a provocative piece in the Huffington Post entitled I’m A Brown Woman Who’s Breaking Up With The Democratic Party.

For information about Saira Rao’s campaign visit

Saira Rao, running for Congress in Colorado’s First District, co-founder of In This Together Media, former clerk for the US Court of Appeals, first generation Indian American.

**This segment was originally broadcast on March 6, 2018.

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