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FEATURING GENE SHARP IN 2011 – The acclaimed founder of the Einstein Institution whose book From Dictatorship to Democracy helped in part to inspire the Arab Spring revolts has died. Gene Sharp passed away on Sunday January 28th at his home in Boston. He was 90.

Considered “the godfather of the nonviolent resistance,” Gene Sharp spent decades studying with the care and methods of a scientist, major and minor revolutions and uprisings the world over. In his 1973 magnum opus, The Politics of Non-Violent Action, Sharp explored in great detail, the principles that help non-violent resistance work, especially in the overthrowing of dictatorships by organized populations. The 900-page book also lists nearly 200 methods of non-violent action culled from his studies.

Sharp also wrote number of books and booklets including “There are Realistic Alternatives,” and, “Waging Non-Violent Struggle.”

Gene Sharp spent 30 years as a political scientist at Harvard University’s Center for International Affairs and founded The Albert Einstein Institution, a nonprofit group he created in 1983. He was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.

On February 17, 2011 I interviewed Gene Sharp on my show formerly known as Uprising. Today, with the presidency of Donald Trump adopting many hallmarks of dictatorship and with the health of American democracy in peril, that interview which we’ll re-air now continues to be deeply relevant.

Gene Sharp, founder of the Albert Einstein Institution, author of many books including The Politics of Non-Violent Action and Waging Non-Violent Struggle.

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