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FEATURING ALAN ZIBEL – With just days to go before the history-making midterm elections in the US, Public Citizen is reporting that the races that are pitting Democrats versus Republicans are awash with so much cash that it is diluting our democracy.

There are 14 races across the nation that are highly competitive where outside spending is exceeding money spent by the candidates themselves. A whopping $715 million in outside spending has flooded the races with nearly 60% of that figure focused on just 39 races. The Center for Responsive Politics has determined that this is a record breaking amount of outside spending in any election season. Public Citizen President Robert Weissman concluded, “This is the world Citizens United made.”

Read the report ‘Outside, Super PAC Spending Tops Candidate Spending in 14 Critical ‘Tossup’ House and Senate Races,’ HERE.

Alan Zibel, Research Director, Corporate Presidency Project at Public Citizen.

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