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FEATURING LARRY BENSKY – Long time Los Angeles-based progressive political activist and politician Tom Hayden has died. He was 76 years old. In his youth, Hayden was best known for his civil rights and anti-war activism and for being a member of the Chicago 8, facing a highly politicized trial for his actions during the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

He went on to run for office several times in California, including Mayor of Los Angeles and governor of the state. Eventually he was elected as state Assemblyman. Hayden championed a wide variety of progressive causes and issues and wrote several books, remaining active until the end.

Joining me now is Larry, a journalist who was intimately familiar with Hayden’s career and work and personally knew him.

Larry Bensky, long time award winning print and broadcast journalist, best known for his work on KPFA Pacifica Radio where he won the George Polk award for his coverage of the Iran-Contra hearings. He has written for The Nation, magazine, and was a regular contributor to the Los Angeles Times Sunday Book Review.

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