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FEATURING JUAN CARLOS – The first wave of the refugee caravan from Central America arrived in Tijuana on Tuesday aboard 9 buses. Most of the migrants are from Honduras and have been traveling for over a month on foot and on trucks or buses when possible. The rest remain in Mexico and are expected to begin arriving in the US over the next several days.

President Donald Trump has just issued new, restrictive rules for asylum seekers, which are likely to be challenged in court. There are thousands of US military troops that have been deployed to the border and in some parts of there was a show of putting up barbed wire. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is at the border as well this week. Trump used the refugee caravan to score political points ahead of the midterm elections, tweeting about it dozens of times. Since the election he has been silent on the issue.

We go now to Mexico City to connect up with a photojournalist who has been traveling with the caravan and documenting it visually.

Find Juan Carlos work at and follow him at

Juan Carlos, freelance photographer documenting social issues and humanitarian crises, originally from El Salvador, now based in Los Angeles. He has been traveling with the refugee caravan from Central America, documenting its journey.

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