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FEATURING LEONARDO DIAZ AND CORAL ITZCALLI – Just days before Labor Day, a major political battle is being fought in the nation’s largest state over workers rights. California’s Assembly Bill 5, if passed, would have serious consequences for the so-called gig economy, forcing major corporations like Uber and Lyft to treat their workers as employees rather than independent contractors.

This week Uber and Lyft workers protested in front of the Uber headquarters in San Francisco supporting AB 5 and demanding that Uber stop its concerted lobbying efforts against the bill. The rally was part of a 3-day caravan of rideshare drivers and labor organizers up and down California.

Leonardo Diaz, an Uber/Lyft driver and Coral Itzcalli, a long-time labor organizer and the Communications Director of SEIU Local 721 and spokesperson for the Mobile Workers Alliance.

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