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FEATURING JONATHAN SKURNIK AND JOHANNA CLEARWATER – Transgender youth are subject to some of the highest levels of violence and bullying and form a significantly large proportion of at-risk youth in schools. A large part of the problem is the invisibility of the community, which filmmakers like my guest are striving to remedy. In a new short documentary set in Los Angeles, Jonathan Skurnik profile a transgender teenager named Johanna Rodriguez. In Becoming Johanna, Skurnik traces many of the common problems facing trans-teens through Johanna’s life: lack of acceptance from parents, challenges in school, prospects of surgery and hormones, and finding a safe community. The film is part of the Youth and Gender Media Project and will be screening around the country.

Find out more about the movie and viewings at

Jonathan Skurnik, Director and Producer of ‘Becoming Johanna’, Johanna Clearwater, subject of film. [CORRECTION: Johanna’s last name has recently been changed from Rodriguez to Clearwater].

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