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Long-time television host Charlie Rose has been suspended from his CBS News show this week in the wake of allegations by 8 women who said they had been groped by him, or been subjected to unwanted sexual advances.

Meanwhile Democratic Senator Al Franken has been hit with new allegations by a woman who says he groped her in 2010, after he was already an elected official.

Glenn Thrush, a prominent New York Times reporter has also been suspended after being accused of sexual misconduct.

Rose, Franken, and Thrush join a growing list of prominent men who have been exposed as sexual predators since the revelations around Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein came to light. The Weinstein revelations sparked a massive online social movement under the banner of #MeToo by women who have courageously begun to share the pervasive sexism and assault that they have been subjected to for decades.

Many hope that this movement will out men regardless of their political alliances, whether they are as right wing as Republican President Donald Trump or as liberal as Democratic President Bill Clinton.

On Sunday November 12th, hundreds of women and their male allies gathered in the heart of Hollywood in Southern California, to highlight the growing strength of the #MeToo Movement. Among the speakers at the #MeToo Survivors’ March was the founder of the hashtag, Tarana Burke. If you missed the march, we’re going to spend the hour today bringing you the speeches of the powerful women who spoke and even sang at the Hollywood rally. The videos you’re about to see and hear were recorded by Shannon Soper of Studio Vism, which is online at

**This segment was originally broadcast on Nov. 21, 2017.

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