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FEATURING GORDON WHITMAN – This past year has been deeply traumatizing for a majority of Americans and US residents. Immigrant communities directly impacted by Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s policies, and communities of color who are facing virulent and open racism from Trump supporters are the hardest hit. But the trauma runs wide.

One might expect that this year’s Women’s March, coming up on January 20th, just about a year after the wildly successful march from a year ago, would be building up with major buzz. But there appears to be far less excitement this time around. Why, especially when the stakes are higher and when so much of what we feared about the Trump administration (and then some) has been realized?

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Gordon Whitman, Director of Policy for Faith in Action, a community organizer, legal services lawyer and strategist. He is also the author of the Stand Up! How to Get Involved, Speak Out, and Win in a World on Fire.

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